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How about Android version ?

If you download JoiPlay from the app store you can likely run the Web (or maybe Windows) version of the game from there. It is not tested or developed to be run on Android, so there may be some issues, but I believe it would be playable for the most part.

is there a discord server for the game?

There is, but it is for patron's only, mainly to prevent spam.

I just did a no "femininity" run and went into the dungeon where you have to change your gender with 5 femininity. It increased my femininity to 60 and when i left it went down to 23 where it stayed. Any ideas? Is it a bug?

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I'm assuming you're asking about ending up with 23 femininity, as getting up to 60 was from having a vagina. The 23 would be from the 15 femininity you get from the introductory sex scene that occurs when you enter the area for the first time. It would have been higher if Katie was dominant towards you, but that 15 femininity is unavoidable.


Thanks for the clarafication, great game btw.

How do you defeat the third book. the south part of the garden?

What issue are you having with it, specifically? Is it too strong for you to beat, or is the fight not triggering for some reason? If the fight isn't starting, can you tell me what it says when you interact with the book? (You have to click on or press Z on the book, if you hadn't done that yet.)

The slime from the book keeps kicking my butt. so I guess it is too strong for my character at the time.  My character has 760 HP and no MP.

I might need to re-balance that fight. I believe it has a mechanic to make things higher if you have high depravity, but since adding that fight I've also just made the debuff of high depravity higher, so it might be overkill now. Re-specing your skills to give you mana for an empowered spell would definitely help (though you'd have to go sleep at the bar after gaining max mana to refill it.) Or you can use the difficulty down items in key items to boost your stats.

How do I get max MP?  it shows my MP as 0/0.

Whenever you level up and empowered spell, you gain one max mana, since empowered spells are what uses mana.

How to get sub!Katie?

If you download the walkthrough file from the mega link, the Katie section lists many of the events that change her dominance value. (It lists both increasing and decreasing it.) I'd list those here, but I don't want to spoil anything. In any case, once you get her dominance value to -2 (do two events that reduce it without any that increase it), that will make her submissive for most if not all scenes. That will also unlock her first submissive date. (Each date after requires another 2 points making her submissive, but each date provides one. There are four in total.) I'll try and update the walkthrough soon, as it definitely doesn't list every scene that can change Katie's dominance value.

Where's the itch io download?

Should just be under "Download", but here's the link to the folder. I believe using the app can sometimes cause issues, if that's what you're doing?


Alert: You can use the android app Joiplay to play the game on android and any other rpg maker, renpy and html games on android 

Bug Report: Just downloaded the game in mac and this error message shows up when I try to start a new game. Trying re downloaded the game but it still happens.


If your Mac OS is version 11 or later, the game may not run through the Mac application. RPG Maker MV stopped supporting Mac after that version. (Or, from what I understand, it's more like Mac stopped supporting RPG Maker MV, but anyways.) The two solutions most likely to fix the issue are to move the game to your applications folder before running it, or to give the game read/write permissions. This link can help with that.

I'm still not 100% sure if the game never works on newer operating systems, so you can give those solutions a try even if that is the case for you. Otherwise, you should be able to run the web version, though the players face and sprite won't reflect their appearance with that version due to plugin limitations.


Thank you for replying so fast! Moving the game to my applications folder worked perfectly.

Stickyicky so do you think the Android version will be possible? Still trying?

Deploying to Android was a mess, and ultimately after four hours of work got me an apk that crashed on start up. Did you ever try JOIPlay like I originally suggested? I tried that out myself to see if it would work, and it seemed to have no problems.  JOIPlay is available on the play store, and from there you would just need to download the web version of the game, extract it, and open the index.html file (through the JOIPlay app.)

i will try but please don't give up^^

I downloaded ver. 37 of the game and when I keep trying to load old save files it keeps giving me an errorOpen photo

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You will need to download and apply the "Old Save Compatibility Patch (For saves from 0.34 and older)" from the download folder. A plugin in version 0.35 broke old saves, but applying the compatibility patch fixes this. You'll also want to apply patch 0.37.13 to the game as well, and then once in the game go to the debug item and activate compatibility mode.  (Patch 0.37.13 fixes a bug with compatibility mode.)

Where do i get mp? I want to use the deprivation skills but i dont have any mp, where can i get it?

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Sleeping at the Bar refills your mana, if you mean maximum mana, you need to learn an empowered magic spell, which are the one's that require 4 or more skill points in an element to learn. (They also cost 2 skill points.)


you really did a great game dude, keep up the good work. never thought i'd like text based game

During the sex scenes, my screen just displays a black screen. Could it be possible I forgot to download something important?

No, there are a lot of scenes missing art, as I made the game without commissioning art for at least a year, and because I generally write more content than I can commission, even with two artists.

I forgot to say it days ago, the first two traps in the second dungeon don't dissapear even if you disbale the traps, right?

It should, there was a point a while ago where it didn't, but I changed it to disable those as well at some point.

Okie, thanks

On version 0.37 I saved and quit just below the door from Beatrices bedroom and when I loaded up the save again I'm stuck outside the room. I'm in your walls.


Thank you for reporting this, sorry for the late reply. Not sure how that could have happened, I'll look into it in a few days. If you didn't know, you should be able to open the menu, select "debug", and choose "teleport to elmgar" to fix this.

What is Mega's key???

Clicking on the download link should include the key automatically, but otherwise it should be #QelAdnODPW-Ae8D0Lpxjmg

Keep getting this error on mac, sorry if small image.

I'm going to be honest, I don't really know what I'm looking at here. How did you get the game to open like this? I've never seen an error report that looked like this. In any case, I'll list two common solutions to Mac problems. The first is to move the game to your applications folder. If that doesn't work, you can also reference this link to give the game read/write permissions. (Note you may have to select which version of MacOS you are running at the top of that link.) Let me know if neither of those work. Also, is there a different file you can execute, or something? Typically, Mac errors will look like this:

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The mac error doesn't look like that cuz the game's been auto crashing, I had to open the terminal to get this error to report. Also, tried both already, and no, def is the right file, cuz I got it to work eons ago on a different mac and I worked fine.

Okay, I'm still kind of looking into this, but I have one potential solution to try. I've uploaded another Mac version  0.36.4, but I've (attempted to) update the NW.JS files for it. This can supposedly help some instances of the game crashing on startup. Speaking of which, what OS do you have on your current Mac? From what I've read, RPG Maker MV actually discontinued support for MV on Mac, because newer operating systems don't support 32-bit programs and, both of which are things RPG Maker MV requires. That could explain why the game worked on the different Mac you mentioned. But supposedly update the NW.JS can help? It's worth a shot. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac to test this out on, so I can't even say for sure if I updated the NW.JS files correctly. I've done so on Linux, and it does just require you to copy and paste the updated NW.JW files into the game folder, so hopefully it works the same way with Mac files.

One last thing, you might be able to run the game through a browser by using the web version. This makes the character creator not work, which will result in your players paperdoll face not showing up during scenes and your sprite's appearance might not change to reflect your clothing, but otherwise seems to work fairly well. If you end up trying that route, there is a link on the main page describing something you'll need to edit on your browser to enable it to run.

Nice, now I'm getting normal error messages lol

Alright, so, I'm pretty sure that isn't going to work. I thought at first it was promising that the game isn't crashing on startup, but I've never seen that specific error before, and I'm not finding much trying to search it, so my takeaway is that I probably fucked something up trying to update the nw.js. Did you try the other two mac solutions with this new file? Putting it in applications and giving it full permissions? Just want to double check on the off chance that makes it work. I spent a few hours looking further into updating nw.js, using a method that updates the games files before deploying them. Unfortunately, the guide for how to do so only seems to work for windows and Linux, unless you are using a Mac yourself. I have no idea why that is the case. There is a zipped unsigned folder for the game for Mac versions, but the guide says not to touch that. I tried touching it anyways, and I'm 99% sure the result was completely broken. The new nw.js files somehow had a smaller filesize than the older ones, and the filepath wasn't exactly the same, so the outcome had two separate folders. I'm not even going to try and upload that one. My further reading on the subject has also revealed that this might not completely fix the gamebreaking bugs regardless. I believe I'd need to try and emulate Mac on my computer to even attempt anything further, and hope that emulation doesn't add another slew of issues in the process.

Also, I'm still operating under the assumption that this issue stems from you having a newer Mac operating system. Could you please check and let me know what version you are running? And I'll once again suggest trying the web version of the game as an alternative. Sorry I couldn't help further.

me too


the plot is literally three of my biggest dreams combined like feminization, submission and magic all tied together and growing from eachother? absolute heaven

is it actually possible to wear katie's collar in public or will it always give the "it's too embarrassing" prompt

It always gives the "it's too embarrassing" prompt. I felt it would be dissapointing to have it as something you can wear without having characters comment on it, but I didn't have any comments for it, so it's kept to the bedroom.

Stickyicky the Android version please 😢♥️

I'll try and take a look at doing that again, but I still can't promise I'll find the time for it.

Okay and thanks for trying, I loved a version I found of it but I couldn't get it later, but I really want to play it again.

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I am using a mac computer with the updated patch and every time I try to start a game I get this screen. I have no issues on my older windows computer. I would just like to be able to have this game on the computer I always have with me. Any suggestions would be great.

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First thing to try is moving the game to your applications folder. If that doesn't work, you can also reference this link to give the game read/write permissions. (Note you may have to select which version of MacOS you are running at the top of that link.) These solutions fix that specific problem on Macs most of the time. Let me know if neither of them work for you.


Is there a way to finish to the 5th dungeon or is that planned for a future release?

Future release. The branching paths with different colored carpet is the current end of content.


thank you for the info

Do i download the Cic 0.35 version or the Cic 0.35.1?

I'd suggest 0.35.1, but I would apply patch 0.35.11 to either, so it shouldn't matter. I left both because I manually linked 0.35 somewhere, and I couldn't remember where, so I didn't want to delete it lol, but there's no reason to use it over 0.35.1

Thank you very much gentleman.


Hey, I have barely touched the game but I´m already liking it, although I have a problem, I´m playing on windows and the save function just doesn´t work at all, every time I open the game, it only let me start a new game

For your save issue, is it that you are unable to save while in-game, or that when you try and load said saves, the game doesn't register them? From your report, I'm getting the feeling you are able to save, but not to load, so then my first question would be, can you load from a save if you don't close the game beforehand? And after saving, if you go into the game folder, and go into the "www" folder within that, is there a folder named "save" within? Regardless of whether you can save and not load or can't save at all, it is most likely a permissions issues, which I don't see often on Windows. One quick way to try and fix that would be to run the game as administrator. Another potential issue is that the filepath is too long to read the save files. In that case, try moving the game to your desktop and running it, and seeing if that helps. If neither of those solutions work, there are other potential solutions, but knowing the answers to my questions above will help me try and figure out what will be most likely to work, thanks.

Yes, I can load from a save if I haven´t close the game, and no, there is no "save" folder after I sav

That is very odd. You're not running the web version, are you? You downloaded the "windows" version? I don't know how you would be able to load from a save file without the game making a save folder to put said files. Did you check for the folder after saving and closing the game, or after saving while the game is still open? I'm wondering if the save folder is created and then deleted for some reason. And I assume you tried the two possible solutions I mentioned to no avail? Just want to double check that those didn't work.

Hi! Loving the game so far, but I've found a bug in the 5th(?) dungeon when running into Katie on the branching paths. I've attached the report :D

That bug should be fixed if you install the latest patch for version 0.35, which would be patch 0.35.11. Let me know if after installing that you still encounter the error. Glad you're enjoying the game otherwise!


oh man , i played for 7 hours straight and i am absolutely in love with game. But now i think i smashed the buttons to fast or something and it's stuck, no movement or anything, no option to save either. what do i do ? i was trying to go down, it game me a option to see an optional seen, i clicked go back, and it had been unresponsive ever since. is there anyway to save my progress?

so i did a dumbassery and exited the game just after posting this. woops. welp, the save files gone... sooo...... shit.

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The save files were deleted after exiting the game? Or did you not save until that point? I'll go check on the error you reported, but it's most likely a movement path that couldn't be completed. For some reason, the default option isn't to skip movement when it's blocked, so instead it just soft locks the game. I always turn the skip movement option on, but this one must have slipped by. If it makes you feel any better, there probably wouldn't have been a way to save in that state. No idea why RPG Maker codes it that way to be honest. Glad you were enjoying the game though.

Edit: Found the bug, should be fixed with patch 0.35.11 now. Sorry about that again.


ah no real worries, kinda really enjoyed the dungeons so i am not so bummed out doing them again. tho, can you help me "increase stats" rn, cuz , first i went through every one of the rooms (which was btw, an amazing experience) but right now redoing i don't feel i wanna do it again. can i get myself the same stat boosts using some cheats so something. Amazing plot tho, was hard the entire 7 hours, fapped 3 times and wasn't bored in the least. tho the lack of artwork is a bit annoying. I do love the plot, the dialogues, the entire rp but most of the times it's just a black screen and a bunch of text, giving a bit too much to imagine. A simple image about the situation would be amazing. Thanks for creating such a wonderful game.

You should have "difficulty up/down" items in your key items after you reach the first dungeon. Those would let you boost your stats to go through the dungeons more easily. (You get more for each dungeon, so you can increase them more and more over time.) And when you reach the point you were at previously you'll also have the option to undo the stat boosts and go back to how strong you would normally be for that level. I too wish there was more art. When I was first making the game it was entirely text-based, and finding artists that would consistently do commissions for me without quitting has been quite the challenge. Thankfully right now I have two artists that do commissions on a regular basis, so there is almost always new art each month. Thanks for all the kind words about the game!

I know how that feels


I hope you continue to make more stuff. I want to see if the father finds out more info about BBB. great game so far.

By the way, to add the last patch I just unziped it on the game folder, was that enought?

I don't think so. You need to move the contents of the patch into the "www" folder of the game. If you do it right, it should ask you to overwrite some files/merge some folders.

I just got to the statue and was told about purity/depravity skills. I see fire, ice, lightning skills in the skill tree, but where are the depravity, purity skills? also, where can I lower my depravity?

There should be a "Pure and Depraved Skill Tree" item in your key items, or you can press the L key as a hotkey to open it. Moving between the two menus would kind of mess with how they work with saving your location before and after opening them. The main method of lowering depravity comes from the Church, which you can access after encountering the statue in the second dungeon.

The second dungeon lag as hell, but if Im using Joiplay to play on phone and i download the uodate. I don't lost the save files, no?

Nevermind, I deleted the files by mistake thinking it was another game

There is a debug option to disable the traps in the second dungeon if you are having performance issues. There are a lot of events there, so I wouldn't be surprised it they caused things to slow down a bit when playing on a phone.


thanks, I'll check it when I get to the mission again


I am having trouble with the Mac version - I just continually get a "The application 'Game' cannot be opened." error message. The game is in the Applications folder. What do you mean by download from directly? The only link I see downloads from Mega.

I fixed it - it was an archiving tool issue that seemed to corrupt when I unzipped

I'm a bit confused on the down loads. I use windows and seeing all the various patches. If I down load the lastest version but down got any saved data can't I download the lastest patch. Which looking at it is 34.12?

Just trying to understand how to go about this. This looks like a interesting game.

Yes you only need the latest patch when downloading the game. However, I just updated the game to 0.35, so I would get that and then apply patch 0.35.9. Normally it doesn't matter if you use older saves, but I added a plugin for version 0.35 that causes issues when using older saves, so specifically for that you would need to apply the old save compatibility patch as well. (The order doesn't matter.)


Thanks for letting me know that. I was very confused about what all to get. 

As I'm fairly still new to the whole game stuff.

Yeah most games don't have a bunch of patches like I do, but it makes it much easier to fix small bugs and not require people to re-download the entire game. (Or require me to re-upload it, lol.)

I get this message popping up after moving the saves folder from a previous version to the new one. How do i fix it?


This is version 0.35, yes? You'll need to apply the patch titled "(UPDATED) Old Save Compatibility Patch" in the mega folder and apply that to your game. You'll also want to enable the "Dungeon 5 Compatibility Patch" from the debug item after doing so. A plugin that was added in version 0.35 made old saves compatible, so I had to edit the code of the plugin and add it back in to fix that.


I really want to play it, but since I don't have a proper computer to play it (that is fully mine). In a future is possible a mobile version?


You might be able to play the game using something called JOIPlay and downloading the web version of the game. It's an android map made to play RPG Maker games, but I haven't tested the game with it, and users have reported varying degrees of success playing with that. I plan to look into a proper android port of the game, but I can't make any promises. There are a lot of plugins for the game and I don't know if they will work on mobile or not.


Thats a huge help to start, thanks you. I just look for it on internet or in an app store?


Either? I just google joiplay and it comes up on the google store so I'd probably try that first. I've never used it personally, just been told by others that you can play the game that way.


Thanks again, I'm going to try it now

 Hello, I saw you game and was thinking about trying it but before that I wanted to ask, is it possible to avoid all sexual content with men? Thank you!!


Essentially, yes. Obviously don't agree to suck the barkeeps dick for a room, and you'd also need to avoid losing to any male enemies. Additionally, you'll probably want to just go through the alleyways once, as there's quite a bit of m/m content there. If you do end up losing to a male enemy or somehow end up in a scene with men, it's kind of silly, but you can just hold down ctrl to very quickly skip through it all.


Ok, I think that works. Thank you for answering!

cant download

What issue are you encountering when trying to download?

Is that through the desktop app? You should try download from the website instead. The download links to a mega folder with a number of different versions based on your operating system, so you probably don't want to download the whole thing anyways.


Deleted 92 days ago

Package name? Not sure I understand, but the linux download is just called CiC 0.34.2 Linux in the mega folder.

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Im confused I get this screen on mac every time. I cant apply the patches either. It doesn't seem to be a permissions issue.


When you say it doesn't seem to be a permissions issue, does that mean you tried the two permissions-based solutions and they didn't work? Because I don't think I've ever seen this issue on Mac not be solved by either moving the game to the applications folder, or adjusting the permissions, the way this link describes. If you did already try those, let me know, and I'll see if I can find any other ideas.

I've tried both of those, and neither seem to work.  It might be just how old my computer is as well, as I've been needing to upgrade for a while now (I'm on High Sierra).

That could be the case. I haven't been able to find much for other possible solutions online. You could get the web version and run it through your browser. It has issues with the character creator and you'll need to apply the "web version only required patch" (after applying patch 0.34.11), but it should at least be playable. (If you get a “DataManager.checkError” with the web version this should provide a solution. )

ok, thanks.

ok, thanks.

Where I can find the  web version?

It is in the download folder with the rest of the game version. "CiC Version 0.34.2 Web". You might need the Web version only required patch as well, if the game won't start.


Please make an Android version

The web version is effectively an android version, as that's what RPG Maker MV gives you when you deploy a game as android. However, the game isn't tested on android, and so plugin compatibility can vary between devices.  You can try and see how well the game works on your android device through JOIPlay.

JOIPlay? What is this?

It is some sort of application you can download. I've never used it myself, but I've heard many people say that is how they play RPG Maker games on android.

I can try later, but there's no chance of you trying to switch to Android even if it takes a while? I found a site once where I gave it a try and I loved it, so I would really appreciate it if that were possible, please.

I've found a link that seems to explain how to fully deploy a game for android, so I will give that a try at some point, but there's no guarantee it will work. I'll reply to your comment again when/if I get that running.

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